Import / Export

Mainline strives to provide our customers with the most affordable high performance and state of the art equipment to our customers

We supply the following :-

First : Medical division

Laboratory Chemicals such as:-

· In vitro diagnostic chemicals.

· General Chemistry Reagents.

· Enzyme Immunoassay Tests (EIA).

· Urine Chemistry Reagents.

· Coagulations.

· Serology.

· Rapid tests .

Laboratories Equipment and plastic ware such as but not limited to:-

· Clinical Laboratory Equipment

· Microscopes

· Autoclaves, Ovens

· Coulters.

· Sedimentations

· Lab. Refrigerators

· Incubators

· Pipettes

. Balances and Scales

Blood Bank reagents & equipment such as:-

· Blood grouping reagents.

· Rapid tests

· Blood shakers and scale for donations

· Blood shaker Incubator

· Blood bags

· Plastic Lab. Ware.

· Blood Bag Sealers (Manual or Electric)

All our supplies are FDA approved, either domestic or foreign.

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